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BSI's management training programs are designed for leaders and their employees to “Get Engagement and Get Results”. Our classroom-style training programs can also be custom designed to meet your company's needs.


The Belief System Institute has been in business for 20 years, helping leaders immediately boost performance for employees within their organizations. Our management training modules are below:

Managing for Results

  1. Analytical and critical thinking skills
  2. Understanding behavior style using DISC
  3. Receiving feedback from employees
  4. Managing conflict/resolving differences
  5. Holding your directs accountable
  6. Dealing with your poor performers
  7. Responding to your high performers


Management Skills: The Basics

  1. Giving positive reinforcement
  2. Clarifying communication
  3. Active listening
  4. Handling conflict
  5. Coaching
  6. Delegating
  7. Taking the initiative
  8. Building self-confidence
  9. Firing an employee


Supervisory Skills: Getting Employees Engaged

1.   Building employee confidence (to get the job done)

  1. Placing people in jobs that match their skills and interests
  2. Deciding what you expect of each employee
  3. Communicating your expectations to employees
  4. Identifying training that each employee needs
  5. Deciding how to train employees, and how to get it done
  6. Giving employees information that will help them succeed
  7. Developing a self-confident workforce


2.  Creating employee trust (in you as their supervisor)

  1. Developing a system so you know who is performing well and who isn’t
  2. Rewarding good performers . . . all of them
  3. Dealing with poor performers . . . each and every one
  4. Making up your mind to respond to good and bad performers quickly
  5. Being sure your employees understand rules, regulations, policies, and procedures that relate to their performance
  6. Communicating consequences (actions you will take) when rules, regulations, policies, and procedures are not followed
  7. Making up your mind to respond quickly and consistently for every problem
  8. Holding everyone accountable for what they are supposed to do
  9. Being sure everyone knows that everybody is getting what their performance deserves.


3.   Promoting employee satisfaction (so they will be motivated and engaged)

  1. Keeping your employees informed about what is going on
  2. Getting your employees to communicate with you, and listening and responding
  3. Explaining the “why” of key decisions you make and actions you take
  4. Taking steps to avoid the appearance of favoritism
  5. Holding regular team meetings
  6. Following through on all commitments . . . or explain why
  7. Showing respect to everyone
  8. Treating everyone the same . . . on some things, no favorites
  9. Finding out what each employee wants and needs to do a good job


Employee Effectiveness Skills

  1. Working effectively with your supervisor
  2. Clarifying communication
  3. Active listening
  4. Accepting authority and responsibility
  5. Taking the initiative
  6. Handling conflict
  7. Giving positive reinforcement
  8. Building self-confidence
  9. Working effectively with coworkers
  10. Communicating successes
  11. Communicating failures
  12. Responding to change
  13. Receiving feedback
  14. Handling criticism
  15. Being a better team player
  16. Showing loyalty

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The Belief System Model is a powerful breakthrough for corporate leaders who want to get the best out of their people. It is clear, impactful, insightful and actionable.

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