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May 26, 2010

Message From Martha & Thad


It’s graduation time and Martha celebrated this exciting milestone with her nephew, Noah, in North Carolina this past weekend! You could sense all the different emotions among these young grads.
When asked, “What are some of the feelings you are having?” of some of these young adults, she heard relief, joy, anxiety, excitement and fear. Isn’t that how it is when we have major changes in our lives?

We prepare ourselves or our children or our employees for these changes and no matter what, each of us have our own individual way of dealing with change. Remember the key…we are all different and need to be supported through our change processes individually.

So, for each of you with a new graduate this year, congratulations! Remember to ask them what you can do to support them in this exciting and scary time in their lives! Also, read today’s Quick Tip below highlighting the leadership strengths of John Chambers, CEO of Cisco.


Leadership Quick Tip:

Did Cisco Head Say That?

John Chambers is one of “America’s Best Leaders 2009,” according to U. S. News & World Report.

U. S. News paints the big picture of Chambers in just three comments.

He had led Cisco Systems through the greatest spurt in corporate value EVER. Then the Internet bubble burst in 2000 and Cisco’s share price plummeted from $80 to $11. Since then he has led one of the biggest comebacks of modern times.

If you want to paint him with just one brush stroke, it would be DIFFERENT.

Here’s why. Just look at the way he leads at Cisco.

  1. Makes decisions differently
  2. Views the management team differently
  3. Operates the company differently
  4. Views the universe differently

To find out in a nutshell (one sentence each) what these differences are, go to today’s Leadership Blog: Leading Differently Pays Off.

All the best to your success,
Martha Forlines & Thad Green

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