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April 28, 2010

Message From Martha & Thad

We have attended four conferences and other events locally for women over the past month, promoting our new book, Inspiring Women…BECOMING Courageous, Wise Leaders, as well as sharing the leadership solutions we offer at Belief System Institute. From all the keynote speakers and concurrent session leaders there were so many empowering messages and lessons for women in business…such as, "women have a wonderful opportunity to change the world and speed up the economic recovery", "you get what you are looking for at work and in life", "the use of social media to build relationships with your employees or customers" and "how women need to better network with and support other women".

What struck us is that all of these lessons are good and true, but only if you choose to employ these concepts and put them to work for yourself. Our work or personal life is truly a series of choices we make, isn’t it?

Leadership Quick Tip:

What do social media and leadership have in common?

If you want to know, ASK! That’s the advice we’re always giving leaders, particularly when it comes to motivation, engagement, and performance problems.

If you want to know what the problem is, what is causing it, and how to solve it, just ASK the employee involved. She will know and she will tell.

Asking and listening means success; no guess, no mess.

The same is true for broader leadership questions. You can take “asking and listening” to us, Martha and Thad, via our social media connections.

Ask us here at Belief System Institute a question and we’ll give you a thoughtful and practical response. Connect with us using any of the links below.

You also can follow our social media posts and pick up some thought provoking ideas and helpful suggestions, on any of the links below. And if you just want to have some dialog on some leadership issues of interest to you, same thing.

Give us a click. For more about this, go to today’s BLOG. All the best to your success,

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