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"The Belief System model is a powerful breakthrough for corporate leaders who want to get the best out of their people.  It is clear, impactful, insightful and actionable."

John A. Mitchell III

First Union National Bank, FLA


Leadership Quick Tip:  What drives the leader in you?

We went on a journey a couple of years ago
Like the one you’ll see here today
We learned that the light at the end of the tunnel
Will show you the way

This is the second in a four-part series
On leadership courage

Today you will get a handle on
The courage to face your fears as a leader

The problem is that fear drives you as a leader
You have given up control
Willingly to your fears
No longer hanging in there to overcome them

The fear of being wrong
Keeps you from speaking up
The fear of failure
Causes you to avoid the toughest of challenges
The fear of change
Causes you to stay put

The consequences of your reaction to fear
Hold you back as a leader

The solution is to face your fears
Look them squarely in the eye
Find the courage you need
To take charge of your life
Stop avoiding situations
That wake up the fear in you
Here’s how
One, name one of your fears as a leader
Two, name your avoidance response to it
Three, name the ways this weakens your leadership effectiveness
Four, choose a response you know is more appropriate
Five, try the different response one time and see what happens
Six, repeat this process for other fears

Do this and you’ll feel better about yourself as a leader
Your leadership effectiveness will leap
A burden will lift from your shoulders

Plus it’s the path to
Employee job satisfaction
And your own
The key to employee performance improvement
And your own

Act now
Find courage
Stop yielding to fear
There’s no time to waste
The consequences are too harsh
Drag fear out of the driver’s seat
Plop yourself behind the wheel
And take charge of the way you lead 

All the best to your success,

Martha Forlines and Thad Green
Martha and Thad

P.S. Your unconscious is saying no, no, no
But yes, yes, yes
Is what you’re your heart is saying to you

Go to today’s BLOG
To understand more
And find the resolve
To face your fears as a leader

P.S.S. Also we are announcing
The upcoming publication of our latest book on leadership
More about this to follow in the coming weeks



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The Belief System Model is a powerful breakthrough for corporate leaders who want to get the best out of their people. It is clear, impactful, insightful and actionable.

John A. Mitchell,
Chairman, First Union National Bank of Florida

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