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"The Belief System model is a powerful breakthrough for corporate leaders who want to get the best out of their people.  It is clear, impactful, insightful and actionable."

John A. Mitchell III

First Union National Bank, FLA


Leadership Quick Tip:  The Narrow Line that Separates Leaders

The holiday is over. We’re ready to get back to normal, to tackle another year, to make progress and have fun doing it. How about you?

Here goes.

Anybody can learn how to be a leader.

It’s no big deal really.

You see, it’s yours for the taking, given all the great teachers and mentors, books and DVDs, seminars and webinars, and more.

The problem is not in knowing how, but it the doing.

And why is the doing a problem? It can be summed up in one word—courage.

We hope you can get a handle on this because courage is the narrow line that separates leaders.

Courage separates the women from the girls, the men from the boys.

If you’d like to lead with greater courage, listen up.

The solution lies in your head.

All you have to do is follow a short process.

Maybe you’re looking for a turnaround in your leadership effectiveness. Maybe you only need a finishing touch. Either way, this process will give you what you need.

It’s as easy as one-two- three.

One, you have to have greater self awareness.

When does your courage as a leader stand tall? When does it let you down? And why (which is the biggest question of all)? And how much does habit come into play?

Two, weigh in on the personal consequences.

What do you gain (and lose) with courage, especially on the big issues? What do you lose (and gain) without it?

Three, listen to your heart.

You know the right thing to do. You can feel it. But you hear the voice in your head. The voice controlled by logic and fear. You listen and ignore your heart. And courage slips away.

Why go to the trouble of this one-two-three?

You can learn how to motivate employees, and how to improve employee job satisfaction.
But leadership knowledge and skills will take you only part of the way.

It takes courage to be a complete leader.

If you want to push ahead, maybe even turn yourself around, with a sustained dose of courage, stay tuned to the next three Leadership Quick Tips.

For more now, go to today’s BLOG.

All the best to your success in 2010,

Martha Forlines and Thad Green
Martha and Thad

P.S. We know you can feel where more courage is needed. Do you want to see how to find it?  Click here now!


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The Belief System Model is a powerful breakthrough for corporate leaders who want to get the best out of their people. It is clear, impactful, insightful and actionable.

John A. Mitchell,
Chairman, First Union National Bank of Florida

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