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Message From Martha & Thad

Steinway Piano This has to be the most beautiful concert grand piano we have ever seen in person! We attended an event at the Steinway Piano store in Alpharetta, Georgia  a couple of weekends ago where we enjoyed listening to beautiful piano music and viewing beautiful art on the walls!
Here are some stats on this beauty:

  • It took two years to hand craft this instrument for its new owner;
  • It is a one of a kind, 9 foot turn of the century Victorian replica;
  • It was crafted with rare and beautiful Kewazinga Bubinga wood, from West Africa;
  • It had just been taken out of its shipping crate 3 days earlier and the sound was phenomenal;
  • While the base price for this instrument is $200K, the sound is priceless!

So what does this have to do with leadership, you ask?  The analogy for us is that very skilled crafts people labored over this piano for two years to get its rare wood finish perfect and the sound even more perfect.  Over the years this instrument will have to be finely tuned as the many people practice and play beautiful music to their audiences. 

While you may attend leadership skills training and think you come back to work feeling as confident as this piano is beautiful, we view leadership as a continuous work in process.  Learning the most effective ways to help your people be engaged, successful and happy with the work they do takes time and lots of practice.  So keep reading, studying and practicing, as there are very few that ever achieve “perfection” at this important, rare art of leadership.

All the best to your success,


Leadership Quick Tip: Preview Our New Employee Engagement Survey

You can sense the level of engagement

Can even guess why

But guessing isn’t good enough

If you want to fix it

You need an employee engagement strategy

For improving employee engagement


You have to know exactly what’s causing disengagement

And the causes vary with each person

Because everybody is different

This may be overwhelming

But it need not be

Because you see

All it takes is a tight little survey

A quick and easy way

And soon you can say

Hey I know who’s not engaged and why

And you’re on your way

If you have an employee engagement survey


Unless you’re like many leaders

Who shrug their shoulders and say

“Everybody’s disengaged now

There’s nothing I can do”

Well that’s not true

There is something you can do

If you don’t believe us

Or if you do

Consider an employee engagement survey

Check out RU Engaged?

As a subscriber to our Leadership Quick Tip

You can take our employee engagement survey yourself—once

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Or let one of your directs take it

And share the results with you

There’s nothing to lose

Maybe a lot to gain

To see how it works . . . if . . .

You want an employee engagement strategy

If . . . you want to get your people

More motivated

More engaged

More productive

If . . . you want to

Slow down the moping around

The sad faces and complaining

And put some smile

Back in the workplace


This is an urgent matter

You think things can’t get worse

But they can


For more information

About our employee engagement survey

Go to today’s BLOG


And remember

Check out R U Engaged?

Let us know what you think

Or if you have questions

About improving employee engagement

For your team or organization

Call us at 404.954.2851


All the best to your success,

Martha Forlines and Thad Green


P. S. Check it out today.
Try R U Engaged?


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