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Thanks to so many of you for your kind words about our new book, Inspiring Women…BECOMING Courageous, Wise Leaders.  Many of you have purchased your own copy of the e-book and taken advantage of the pre-sales pricing on the paperback and e-workbook – thank you, thank you. Please let us hear your feedback if you’ve read the e-book…just click reply to this Quick Tip.

We are having a tele-seminar on Tuesday, March 9th, at 11:00 a.m. to introduce the book and we’d love to have you join us. (Click here to sign up for the tele-seminar.)  Remember the book is for leaders of women and women leaders!  If you have a colleague or friend that would benefit from this week’s Quick Tip, feel free to  pass it along to them.


Leadership Quick Tip: How To Fight Alligators

Alligators are 8-9 inches long at birth.
Fully grown males average 15 feet, females 10.
And weigh up to 1000 pounds.
They can live 50-70 years.

Life cycle of a leader:
Stage 1: Everything is great.
Stage 2: Then you’re up to your ears in alligators.
Stage 3: You get rid of a few alligators.
Stage 4: And others take their place.
Stage 5: You realize stage 2 is permanent.

Life cycle of problems:
Stage 1: They are born small.
Stage 2: They get big and strong.
Stage 3: They intimidate.
Stage 4: They live a long time.

So what’s a leader to do?
Consider the facts.
Fact 1: You have plenty of problems.
Fact 2: The last thing you need is another one chomping on your behind.
Fact 3: Problems always seem to find you.

If the facts fit you,
Then you have a serious leadership problem.
Why? Problems should not be finding you.
You should be finding them.
This is no cutesy play on words.
Think about it.

Would you rather face a baby alligator,
Or one that is fully grown?

Enough said!

Go to today’s BLOG for more on fighting alligators.
All the best to your success,

Martha Forlines and Thad Green

P.S. Wondering about dealing with those 1000 pound alligators you're wrestling with now and looking for baby ones too? See today’s BLOG and give us a call (404.954.2851) for solutions that will work for you.


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