Now you got ‘em – how do you keep ‘em?

Finding the right people for the right jobs can be challenging.  It’s a whole lot less arduous using benchmarking tools and Top Grading tools…so let’s assume you’ve got your new “star” employee on the rolls…now what?

Best practice onboarding can make the difference now that you “got ‘em”.  Creating an onboarding process that is consistent with your company mission, vision, values and culture is the best first step.  Let’s take a look at a few of these practices:

1.  Share the BIG picture of the company goals and strategies, so they can see how they fit into this picture to drive results.

2. Set extremely clear performance results and expectations by sharing their job description and accountabilities and sharing the team or department goals and expectations for the year, by quarter.

3. Personally introduce your new hire to key players they will be working with and give them copies of organizational charts and contact information for these key players.  Make sure the key players know the value your new employee is bringing to the organization.

4, Coach and mentor your new employee regularly during their first 6 months.  This builds trust and open lines of communication between the two of you.  Understanding the work flow, political landscape and key knowledge workers is invaluable. If you are not available, make sure you assign another go-to person that can help them with their new job challenges and give them feedback on how they are doing.

5. Make sure they have the appropriate resources to do their job and how to properly use the resources available to them.  Examples of these are SOP’s for their role, policies and procedures, safety rules, training and the company intranet.

6. Lastly, make sure they know what opportunities are available for them to grow and develop at your company.  As a part of the job benchmarking process, your assessment results may have identified skills that could be improved with your new employee. Discuss these with them and make sure they follow through to get the training they need.

Diligence in the onboarding process can improve employee retention, engagement, performance and boost the business results for your team!

Martha Forlines, Coach and Consultant – Leading Others


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