Nirvana at Work


Think about “nirvana” at work – your team is humming with energy, happy to find the best solutions for your customers, collaborating with each other seamlessly about creative ways to grow the business and you are their trusted advisor and leader.  Now you are asking yourself, “How can this be?”

It can be! The level of employee engagement I described above is tied to a couple of very important things.  One, you, the leader have helped them to tap into what is important to them, their values or motivators that “drive their bus” every day. Matching theses motivators to the work culture and to what is required in the job is how successful leaders select the right people… that in turn create teams that perform like well oiled machines.

Let’s break this down.  Understanding your inner motivations enables you to find intrinsic satisfaction with the work itself. This is an emotional intelligence skill that can be learned.  You, as the boss and your employees can learn how to then connect with these values/motivators so work doesn’t feel like work, but a fulfilling investment of time and effort and results.

So what would it feel like, look like for everyone on your team to be operating from a place of high intrinsic satisfaction?  Of course we all have parts of our jobs that we don’t love to do. If the right balance of the work that is intrinsically satisfying exists, we would be able to stay in the “nirvana” zone.  Companies and leaders that create cultures that understand the value of tapping into the values that are important to their people produce business results that are sustainable for the long haul and attract and retain the talent that enables success.

Martha Forlines, Coach and Consultant – Leading Others


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